When Natural Isn't An Option

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When Natural Isn't An Option

In the final episode of our four-part series, Rachel Corbett and Zoe Marshall are going deep on egg freezing and surrogacy.

So what's the process of freezing your eggs?  How much does it cost?  And does it hurt?  Rachel has been through it all before so she walks you through the experience step-by-step.

And if you're starting to realise parenthood might need a little help from someone else we chat to Sean Szeps who had twins with his husband Josh via surrogate.  So, what are the ground rules when someone else is carrying your baby?  How much does it cost?  Does your surrogate become part of the family?  And is it difficult when the woman growing your child is a million miles away?

This and so much more on the final episode of Before The Bump.


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