So, Now You're Trying

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So, Now You're Trying

Zoe Marshall and Rachel Corbett are back to talk about all the things you need to consider when you’re officially “trying” to have a baby.  Like the completely un-sexy process of getting it on when you’re ovulating (Zoe reveals a fact about egg whites that will haunt your dreams).

Plus, fertility expert Dr Sonya Jessup is back to explain what goes on inside women’s bodies when they’re ovulating and what your partner can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll fall pregnant.  

And if you’ve been worried about whether you need to train like crazy at the gym to get your body into shape for pregnancy, Sonya explains the best way to prepare yourself for conceiving and talks us through some of the early signs of pregnancy.

We also hear from our amazing listeners about how they tracked their ovulation and when they knew it was the right time to make a baby.


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Hosts: Rachel Corbett & Zoe Marshall

Guests: Dr. Sonya Jessup & Nicolle Stuart

Producers: Amelia Navascues and Luca Lavigne

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