This is Getting Difficult

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This is Getting Difficult

This is the third instalment fertility podcast and this week Rachel Corbett and Zoe Marshall return to talk about what you can do when you’re trying but things are getting difficult. So, if you’ve been trying and are feeling frustrated, this is the episode for you.

From learning about dealing with the very real emotions you might be going through to understanding the more scientific reasons behind why you might not be pregnant yet, Rachel and Zoe welcome back fertility expert Dr Sonya Jessup to give her advice.

We also hear from our listeners and find out what they wish they knew when they were pregnant and realise that the process of struggling to fall pregnant is far more common than you might think!

Plus, Rachel and Zoe sit down with a mother who proves that no pregnancy journey is the same. We hear the incredible journey of how a single mother successfully gave birth to twins using both donor sperm and donor eggs and how she travelled to the other side of the world to do it.


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Hosts: Rachel Corbett & Zoe Marshall

Guests: Dr. Sonya Jessup & Nicky Lavigne

Producers: Amelia Navascues and Luca Lavigne

This podcast is made possible by Elevit.