The Mother-Daughter Diary Hack That Will Change Your Relationship

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The Mother-Daughter Diary Hack That Will Change Your Relationship

This week on Ask Me Anything, it's all about trust. 

From figuring out how to navigate difficult conversations about things you don't want to do anymore through to learning how to ask the hard questions and have difficult conversations with your loved ones, Bec is here to give her best tips, tricks and advice.

Ask Me Anything is the podcast for any girl in your life looking for answers.


How do I get my parents to let me quit basketball?

I feel like my family is so busy and that I never get to spend any time with my mum without my brother and sister. How can I spend more time with my mum alone?

I’m having a few friendship dramas with a girl at school who is the daughter of one of my mum’s best friends. I don’t know how to tell my mum about it.


Host: Rebecca Sparrow

Producer: Elissa Ratliff, Amelia Navascues and Ruth de Glas

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