Why You Should Treat Your Inbox Like Your Dryer

Would you dry your clothes one item at a time? No? Then why are you managing your emails like that?

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about emails - an essential communication tool that can also distract you from your core business. 

Dr. Amantha Imber, is an organisational psychologist, the founder of Inventium and the host of the podcast How I Work. It's her job to talk to some of the busiest people in the world and find out how they do it, and she joins us now to share four tips that will definitely make your inbox better.


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    Host: Deborah Ho

    With thanks to Dr Amantha Imber, listen to her podcast How I Work, here: https://www.amantha.com/podcast/ 

    Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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