Six podcasts that will help you fall asleep.


For some of us, trying to get to sleep can be a little difficult. Here in podcasting land, we prefer an alternative to counting sheep.

Podcasts. Surprised?

Yes, there are podcasts that are perfect for helping you drift off. So whether you prefer a bed time story, music or guided meditation, here are six of the best out there. That we recommend, of course.

Sleep With Me Podcast.

Think of a person you know who tells incredibly long, and incredibly boring stories. Then think of how much you would like to sleep during said stories.

See where we’re going here?

Each episode of Sleep With Me, is narrated in a meandering, stream-of-consciousness monologue, presented in a monotone voice.

Think we’re crazy for recommending it? Well we’re not alone. It is currently placing at number 41 on the iTunes.

Deep Energy Podcast.

If music is more your thing, then this podcast will tickle your tune. Each 60 minute episode of Deep Energy 2.0 full of dreamy, soothing music. Jim Butler presents as he puts your mind to ease, perfect for drifting off to sleep, as well as practising meditation or yoga.

Welcome to Nightvale.

There is nothing quite like a bed time story to help you snooze off. And Welcome to Night Vale is one of the best. Follow along the fictional tale with host ‎Cecil Baldwin, as he presents the wacky, the weird, and the mysterious events that occur in his town of Night Vale. You won't regret it, this is brilliant.

Game of Drones.

Shout out to all the Game of Thrones fans who struggle to fall asleep at night, because we have just the solution for you. Game of Drones is a podcasting series where each episode is based on, and stars, characters from the HBO program.

It's everything you could hope, really.

Meditation Minis.

Join hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton in Meditation Minishypnotherapy sessions that ease the mind and help you relax before bed time. They last just 10 minutes, so rather than straining your brain, they will help you drift off.

Classical Music Discoveries.

Is classical music more your thing? This podcast uploads new episodes every couple of days where you can listen to some of the best classical music of all time!

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