This kids podcast will save you from telling another bad bedtime story.

There are so many scary things out there in the big wide world.

House prices. Cost of living.  Hearing your sweet terror of a child look up at you from their bed and say: “please, just one more story”.

All scary things for Aussie adults to deal with.

Luckily, now you can outsource it to The Beanies.

It’s the best kids podcast ever, basically.

Not only is this episode 16 minutes of pure attention-sucking time for your little one, the theme is all about how to be brave.

For any kid scared of what’s under the bed, in the cupboard, and what happens when the lights go out, let The Beanies teach your child how to be brave through song, dance and messaging so subtle they won’t even notice.

The feature song in episode three is “The Mean House” which is definitely absolutely not about the journey of first home buyers trying to get into the Sydney/Melbourne property market.

After all, it’s not just kids who get scared by things.

The Beanies
Australia's newest kids podcast is now live!

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*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.