Audio painting for kids is now a thing...your walls and carpet are safe

SELL:  Here’s how kids can get their paint fix mess free.

SELL: Art for your ears. No Mess No Fuss. 


Kids love painting but parents hate mess.  It’s been standard generational conundrum throughout the ages probably dating back to a kid scribbling on the walls of a cave. Well, here’s how kids can get their painting fix mess-free and parents can keep a tidy house.

How about a virtual painting party thanks to The Beanies.

It’s a podcast for children and is art for their ears. Think of it like air guitar for budding artists.  No skill or hardware required and it sure beats  sticky tiny hand prints smothered over the walls,  embedded into the carpet, rug, or couch, up the nose and clumped in hair.

There’s no doubt that painting parties for kids are super fun but the best thing about this one is that it is one hundred percent audio.  All sound no mess. Plus there’s a never-ending virtual  paint pallet that won’t end up in a massive  brown splodge.

Episode five of The Beanies podcast is part of the ten-episode series hosted by Aussie children’s entertainers Laura, Michael and Mim. This episode features  the “The Paining Song” and How to mix different colours so kids can air paint to music with  dabs, swirls, swishes, twirls on their imaginary piece of paper. Then when they’re done either replay the episode or move on to a different one.

So kids can put on  their art smock, get out their palette and wave their brush around like an artist while you kick back with a coffee looking at your clean walls.

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The Beanies are available for live performances across NSW. Go to for details and follow The Beanies on social media @TheBeaniesAus

*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.