I've already started bribing my kids with Santa. It's NOVEMBER.

I never thought I’d be that person.

I used to listen to people talking about Christmas in November and think ‘weak-minded fools’.  I was scathing of anyone who put their decorations up before mid-December. Christmas is special, people. Don’t rush it.

But that was before I had a five-year-old and a two-year-old that won’t eat dinner/put their shoes on/ sleep in their own bed/ shut up for five minutes.

And so, more than 50 days out from December 25, I did it.

This week on This Glorious Mess, am I peaking too early?

It’s just, I was at a loss.  We’ve had Halloween.  We don’t do Thanksgiving.  Daddo told me I had to stop bribing them with chocolate buttons for fear of childhood obesity/early onset diabetes. I NEED IT.  I need that Jolly Fat Man with his rosy cheeks to take the load off me just for a minute.

Also on the podcast for imperfect parents this week, the anonymous Sydney dad whose crap parenting forced the closure of one of North Sydney’s most popular family cafes. And should you take parenting advice from celebrities?

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