Turnbull staffer immediately suspended for sharing anti-Trump "propaganda" in November.

A staffer from the Prime Minister’s office has been suspended for dissing the US President on Facebook.

The young woman, who is executive assistant to Malcolm Turnbull’s chief of staff Drew Clark, was caught out posting “anti-Trump propaganda”, originally shared the posts in November.

The “inappropriate” post reportedly included a photo of a T-shirt featuring the slogan “Tuck Frump” and linked to an accompanying website, hosting a video of a Donald Trump voodoo doll meeting several unfortunate ends.

Like so:

Sydney radio host Ben Fordham broke the story on his 2GB radio show late on Friday afternoon after calling the Prime Minister’s office to alert them to the staffer’s conduct.

He also explicitly named her several times on his program.

“Because this staff member is working in the Prime Minister’s office you’d thing she would be wise enough not to post some thing like this,” Fordham said.

“We know that Mr Turnbull’s relationship with President Trump is already on shaky ground he can’t really afford to make things worse.”

The post, which he labelled “anti-Trump propaganda”, was made on November 4, long before the two leaders’ clashed over the refugee resettlement deal.

A spokesperson from the Prime Minister’s office confirmed the assistant’s suspension.

“The employee accepts the posts were inappropriate and has deleted them from her account,” the spokesperson told Mamamia.

“The chief of staff has suspended her immediately while this matter is investigated further.”