Plus-sized fashion bloggers inspired Hannah to love her body, now she is one.

Hannah Boal is a plus-sized babe and blogger from a small village in the North East of England.

She is a relative newcomer in the world of plus-sized fashion blogging but has already won herself thousands of fans on social media.

Her blog is called Fabulously Fat Fashion and her personal Instagram account now has more than 7,000 followers, but she wasn’t always as confident as she is today.

She says other bloggers, like Tess Holliday, taught her it was okay to love her fuller figure.

“I can go on Instagram and find another person who looks exactly like me, whereas in life I’d probably never have found another person who feels like me,’ she said  in Plus-Sized Wars, a documentary which screened on the ABC as part of body-positive ‘Naked As’ week.

“I didn’t particularly have any friends but when I’ve gone online I’ve got thousands of friends,” she said.

“That’s kind of what Tess has done for me.”

Hannah Boal with her idol Tess Holliday. Source: Instagram

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of plus-sized fashion bloggers and brands are starting to take notice.

The documentary also featured three other lesser-known bloggers, whose personal styles inspire half a million Instagram followers between them.

We checked out some of their recent posts.

Callie Thorpe, 81,000 Instagram followers.

Thorpe writes From the corners of the Curve. 

“We just want to talk about nice fashion,” she said in the documentary.

“Hello, I’m here, I wanna look nice. Girls can look at my body and think I’m probably closer to their size than a model that has like a flat stomach. I was the only plus-sized girl in my group and it’s really nice to have girls who understand what you’re going through. ”


Danie Vanier, 55,800 Instagram followers.

“Plus-sized bloggers are being seen as a bit of a revolution I think, brands are definitely realising plus-sized bloggers are very good for them,” said Varnier. “People trust our opinions and it’s like your friend giving you a recommendation. “They feel like they know me  and I feel like I know a lot of them.”  


Bethany Rutter, 7,491 Instagram followers.

“I’m radiant,” says Rutter who writes queer-positive Arched Eyebrow.

“Brands are starting to take notice.”


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Georgina Horne, 87,000 Instagram followers.

Georgina Horne write Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, specialising in plus-sized fashion and lingerie.

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