Cult Buy: Five pairs of affordable boots that fit comfortably over wide calves.

I love my knee high leather wide calf boots so much that I literally wear them to the Mamamia office every single day and I’m not even sorry about it.

Not one bit. Sure, I have fat thighs and calves to which I say, “chunky as charged!”

I feel no more disappointment when I try on regular boots and can’t get my wide foot inside.

No more risk of cutting off circulation in my calves knowing I’m wearing something that doesn’t really fit. Just a plus size confidence boost every time I wear my wide calf boots.


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Here’s where you can find your own wide calf boots so you can strut your city or town feeling your fabulous self this winter. Go girl go!


1. Black Knee High Leather Riding Boot $158

These boots offer an XL calf fitting and a EEE width fit too!

Remember that leather also stretches (the leather boots  I got took some encouragement to get the zip up at first but wore in nicely after a few wears). Gosh I love a buckled boot. Yes, I know these are a little pricier as they are leather (think about the cost per wear) but read on for more budget friendly options with elastic!

Wide Calf Boots
Image: Yours Clothing

2. Black Long Boot With Block Heel & Stretch Fabric $78

One word for this pair. S-T-R-E-T-C-H. These wide calf boots also come in a EEE width with an XL calf fit. These winners are a budget friendly option with a faux suede fabric,  faux leather rounded front and heel and stretch fabric on one side.

Image: Yours Clothing

3. Step On Air Tall Riding Boot, $119 (now $64.50)

Elastic on the outside and padding on the inside. Sounds like they are describing me! This riding boot is sexy AF. No horse required, however, cowboys feel free to apply for a date. Love the straps around the ankle.

wide calf boots
Image: Autograph

4. Winona Knee Boot, $119.95 (now $83.97)

These boots look tough. They've got studs, they've double buckles they've even got a gun metal insert in the heel. Yup, these boots are made for kick arse women doing kick arse things of kick arsery.


Winona knee boot
Image: City Chic

5. Tieback Slouch Boot, $50

If you're after a neutral colour then this padded, comfy, slouch boot is for you. It's got the size zip and an adjustable tie too.

Wide calf slouch boots
Image: Autograph


Wide Calf Boot Shopping Tips:

  • Measure your calf. This needs to be at the widest point (measure both calves as they can be different sizes).
  • Want to wear your boots over jeans? Account for an increase in calf width when measuring.
  • You get what you pay for so if you want quality you might want to spend a little more and last a few seasons. I'm still wearing my leather boots after a few years.
  • Just after a one-season-wonder? Go for the cheaper version.


Where's your go to for wide calf boots?