The activewear brands that actually cater to women over size 14.

Reigning queen of active-wear, Lorna Jane, recently declared that she won’t cater for sizes beyond XL, because “…that’s what our customers want.”

The outspoken designer has found herself back in the news with her refusal to stock anything beyond an XL (around a size 14 to 16).

Image: @ljclarkson

“Any criticism that we get are people who don’t support our brand anyway. If they did they would be walking into our store and trying on the clothes, and if they didn’t fit we would say ‘OK, we need to start making those clothes in a bigger size," says Lorna.

“Our brand is totally customer-focused, and we haven’t felt the demand for bigger sizes. If my customer wanted bigger sizes, I would absolutely accommodate. But we have tried it and not sold it.”

Yeah, righto then.

But if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of Australian women who a) are larger than an XL, and b) love their activewear, here are five amazing brands who DO stock larger sizes.... as they should.


One of Australia's best 'plus-size' (look we don't love this term, but it's going to have to do for now) clothing labels, City Chic has an awesome range of activewear that spans sizes XS to XXL.

We love the CCX running tank, $49.95.


Image: City Chic.


Aussie favourite Target has seriously stepped up their game this year with an amazing range of fitness wear, including their 'Belle Curve' range of sports clothing. And the best part? It won't break the bank.

We love the 'Spliced Panel' active t-shirt, $29.00.


Image: Target.


Online retailer Full Beauty is a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous clothing, and their sportswear is no exception. They stock a variety of labels, with a massive range of fun sporty clothing.

We love this zip front tank, $69.00.


Image: Full Beauty.

We love these celebrity quotes about body image. (Post continues after gallery.)



High street fave Forever 21 has expanded their range into sports clothing, including a great range of on-trend, 'plus-sized athletic wear.

We love the 'Athletic Capri Leggings', $22.90.




Aussie fitness brand Running Bare has an extensive size range that runs from a size 8 to a size 22. Known for their super-comfy yoga wear (high waisted stretchy pants, anyone?) they have an amazing variety of cute patterns and matching sets.

We love the 'Toned Tummy ' full length tights, $109.99

Image: Running Bare.