These people want to be fired RIGHT NOW. Someone, please help them.

Some people have sh*tty jobs. And then there are these people.

Has anything ever happened to you at work where you just thought:

“You know what, nope, I’m DONE, do you hear me – DONE!”

Maybe your boss made a sexist joke. Maybe someone stole your sandwich out of the fridge. Or maybe for the fourth time this week you found a kid peeing near the cash register.

That’s what happened to these people.

Tumblr has provided us with yet another amazingly-unnecessary-but-somehow-necessary blog titled “Please Fire Me.” People leave comments on the site about awful/horrendous/unbelievable things that have happened at their place of work, hoping we’re certain, that they will be fired.

Because surely this sh*t can’t be real.


There is Ruthless Pie Woman:


Or Unspeakably Rash Mother And Child You Want To Punch:


Or, our personal favourite, Who Pooped On The FLOOR:


We would have walked out by now. No time for waiting. See ya.

If you want to read more of the entries, look no further:

If you want EVEN MORE you can visit the blog here.

Go on, tell us yours…