‘My 9-year-old niece had no confidence when it came to sport. Then she started playing cricket.’

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We all know the benefits of kids playing sport — exercise, discipline, teamwork, confidence — but finding the ‘right’ sport for your child can be tricky. Sometimes, they need to try out a whole lot of activities to find the one they gel with. 

Clare Maclean’s 8-year-old son, Nash, found his easily. Both Clare and her husband, Daniel, grew up with their dads playing local cricket, with Daniel watching and playing since he was little. It came as no surprise for them then when Nash became “obsessed” with the cricket ball and bat aged just two. 

“Cricket has always been a part of our family,” Clare says. 

“His dad is the seniors’ coach and also the juniors’ coach of the club there.” 

Nash joined the Woolworths Cricket Blast program and transitioned through both the Junior Blasters and Master Blasters programs, enjoying every minute, and this year is making his debut in the Armstrong Creek Cricket Club Under 11s. 

Clare’s niece and Nash’s cousin Maicey, nine, didn’t find it as easy to find her sport, however. 

“She had no interest in cricket, let alone any sport really,” Clare says. 

“She couldn’t find anything that gelled with her or that took her fancy. But she decided to come along with Nash to initially just watch, but in doing that ended up joining in and loving it.”

Maicey was a bit reluctant to join in at first, partly because there were no other girls playing. “Do girls even play cricket?” she asked at the time. She was also concerned because she didn’t know how to play cricket, having only briefly touched on it during PE at school. 


“Nash was very persuasive in telling her, ‘Cricket isn't just for boys, come down, you'll have so much fun’. They're close in age and really close socially, so he was on her case a lot,” Clare says. 

“During Maicey's first session, she showed natural ability with the bat, giving her a big confidence boost. Her attitude towards sport in general has really changed,” she says. 

“She's a lot more confident in sport and is willing to get involved in the game. Her perception of cricket being only a sport for boys has also changed. And she's been nagging her parents to purchase her very own cricket bat — she's really excited to start the new season!”

Clare says the kids love being a part of the local club, getting active, making friends and being part of the team.

"Her attitude towards sport in general has really changed." Image: Supplied. 


“They enjoy learning all aspects of the game and developing their skills — I believe that sport is extremely beneficial to children's mental and physical development; it helps improve their social skills and personal skills, including cooperation and leadership.”

Woolworths Cricket Blast is an action-packed entry-level program for Australian kids between the ages of five and 10 and of all abilities who want to learn the basic skills of cricket in a fun and friendly environment.

Divided into two levels — Junior Blasters (age five to seven years) and Master Blasters (age seven to 10) — the program gives kids the chance to build friendships and create memories to last a lifetime.

It isn’t only for the kids though. Both program levels are designed for parents to get involved and spend some quality time with their child learning some simple cricket skills, connecting over the excitement of accomplishment and fun. Imagine the first big hit, first catch or even first wicket!


Clare can vouch for the program on behalf of the parents, being involved in the club — her husband, Daniel, even coaches.  

“We're extremely grateful for programs like that,” she says. 

“It gives our kids the opportunity to give sport a go and be a part of the club and community whilst having fun. The program has given our family the opportunity to bond over sport. Watching the kids alongside one another under the guidance of my husband, I think is pretty special too.

“Daniel's just really proud of the kids for giving it a go and loves helping them develop their skills. It's really rewarding to watch them evolve, and without programs like Woolworths Cricket Blast, Armstrong Creek wouldn't be able to field their first junior team this year.”

So, whether it's your child’s first time with a bat or they’re a backyard cricket star, the Woolworths Cricket Blast program has something for everyone. And as Maicey discovered, it’s definitely not just for boys. 

Woolworths Cricket Blast gives kids the chance to learn, laugh and grow — all while playing a sport they love.

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Cricket is a sport for all and there’s no better way to enjoy cricket than to get involved! Find your child the most suitable cricket program here.