Oh no Play-doh you DID NOT.

And you thought your great Aunt harping on about the fact your kid was still in nappies or the gym membership your husband gave you ruined Christmas. Well some folk had their Christmas REALLY ruined cause Santa gave their kid a penis toy by accident.



The kit promised “You can make delicious-looking Play-Doh layer cakes and pretend frosting with the tools and compound.”

But it forgot to mention the dildo shaped “extruder tool” which, low and behold, cover your eyes Moms-of-America ejaculates a swirl of fake icing on command. Oh. Extruder.

After shocked parents lifted their jaws off the floor they took to the Facebook page of the toy’s manufacturer to express their horror (and, of course demand compensation for the shock of giving their kids a plastic dildo).

For one poor mother Christmas was “ruined” by the offending “extruder”.



But the social media manager of the Play-Doh site decided the best form of damage control was to pretend the whole dick-extruder toy hadn’t happened and took to the delete key as their tool of choice.



Social media wouldn’t let up though.

And the comments kept on coming

Maybe show them how to make a REAL cake. They’re probably a bit old to be playing with play doh.” wrote one

Another  “In Play-Doh’s defense, they generally don’t keep a person on staff whose job it is to ask “Does this look like a dildo?”

In related news, Play-Doh is hiring. Job qualifications include being able to tell whether something looks like a dildo.”

And many, many more.

So many the media manager couldn’t keep up in deleting them all.

“I used to make my own out of Play-Doh all the time, but it’s much easier now. Thanks guys.”

You have got to be kidding me with that thing. lol You don’t even have to be some hypersexualized person to look at that thing and see a dick. Hell, even the name (“extruder”) sounds sexual.”

Us Aussies are a hardened lot ( tee -he .. get it) and we’ve been making play-doh willies for years – almost as much fun as making brown play-doh poos.


But over in the US the scandal has caused the toy’s manufacturer to apologize, with Hasbro telling one US Network who actually exposed the phallic frosting scandal way back in November  “We have heard some consumer feedback about the extruder tool in the Play-Doh Cake Mountain play set and are in the process of updating all future Play-Doh products with a different tool.”

And here it is, not quite the same huh?

And thus the extruder dildo will now on live on only in social media, where it will no doubt be immortalised as the last great penis scandal of 2014.

And that completes our last object-shaped-as-a-penis story for 2014, but never fear if you wish to read other object-shaped-as-a-penis stories we’ve got your back.


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