Have we all been wearing our earrings wrong all along?

Image via Twitter (@Chelsea_Smithh)

First it was #TheDress, then it was #TheShoe – the internet is teaming with surprising discoveries, but even we were not prepared for this one.

You know those big round plastic bits that are attached to the back of earrings? Those bits that you just assumed were there to give your earring extra stability?

Yeah, well apparently you’re actually meant to take them off.

The revelation was made by 19 year old Chelsea Smith in a tweet that has now been shared over 42,000 times.

Image via Twitter.

"After my nineteen years of living I have now realised that you are supposed to take the plastic part off," she wrote.

Here we were walking round with big circles of plastics on our ears thinking we were doing the right thing.

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However as with most things, the answer isn't quite that simple.

While many people are tweeting shocked responses that you can actually take the plastic off, just as many are arguing that it DOES have a purpose.

"No!! The plastic piece helps distribute weight on heavy earrings and make them more comfortable. Promise!" replied one user. (Post continues after gallery.)

Several people agreed, claiming that after years of wearing heavy earrings, wearing and keeping the plastic backing was the only thing that made them secure.

"Almost 40 thousand people will now have saggy earlobes Chelsea," tweeted one disapproving user.

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However many were pleased with the news, complaining that they'd always found the plastic was clearly visible from behind the ear lobe.

So who are we to believe?

Hello Giggles reports that in an article for About Style, jewellery expert Carly Wickell says that the stabilising earring backings (officially known as clutches) do have an important purpose.

"Clutches hold heavier-style earrings (like popular chandeliers) securely in place and disguise droopy earlobes," she says. (Post continues after gallery.)

"More importantly, the stabilisers help keep earrings from stretching in the first place."

So while you may be physically able to remove the backing, it doesn't mean you necessarily should - particularly if you've got ear piercings stretched from years of heavy earrings.

At the end of the day though it all comes down to your personal preference - and whether you can even remove the plastic in the first place (it's harder than it looks!).

Do you take the plastic off or leave it on?

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