Board the plane. Look out the window. See crew fixing plane with duct tape...?

One thing scarier that Snakes On a Plane? Tape on a plane.

Seatbelt? Check. Tray in locked position? Check.

Airline crew outside fixing plane with duct tape? Farrrrrrrrrrrk.

An Easyjet passenger snapped a photo of an airport worker actually taping the plane together before take-off. Adam Wood, the un-easy passenger, captioned the photo “Always worrying when @easyJet are duct taping the plane together :-s #finaldestination.”

Most likely, the duct tape was a little more complex than sticky tape. It’s a special expensive industrial duct tape that is resistant to wind, temperature, moisture and radiation.


Planes: This one had to land because of a giant poo. Seriously.

The airline commented on the picture to try and reassure Adam that the tape was just to do with the paintwork of the plane, and was nothing to worry about.

EasyJet responds to Adam on Twitter.

Good to know. If you ever see an aviation engineer fixing the plane with duct tape, you’re still safe.

If they have blu-tack and safety pins though… run.