Meet the chic couple who planned their entire wedding in 48 hours.

If you’re a photographer, director, and a contributor, and you’re marrying the studio manager for famed architect Gaetano Pesce, you’re probably going to have a beautiful elaborate wedding right?

Well Lucas Flores Piran and Ana Boschiero’s wedding was definitely beautiful, but it’s the wedding’s simplicity that made it all the more stunning.

The couple, who were introduced at a rooftop party in Brooklyn last summer got married on October 21, 2016. They had been dating for about a year when they got engaged, and they both knew they wanted to get married as soon as possible.

“We just wanted to do it ASAP,” Anna told “So we went to City Hall the day before to get an appointment. We wanted our ceremony to be spontaneous and carefree. We organized everything in 48 hours, which really was the beauty of it.”

So after setting that appointment, Anna went to Barneys with her best friend in search of the dress.

“I wanted something simple, not a proper wedding dress, because we’re planning on having a more formal celebration next year,” Anna explains. “I spent a good three hours looking, but wasn’t satisfied.”

She was about to give up and text Lucas to tell him they’d have to wait a week because she hadn’t found the perfect dress when her friend held up an Alexander Wang dress. “I tried it on and … bingo!” she says.


For his part, Lucas, who was dead-set against wearing a tuxedo opted for a blue Maison Margeiela suit, a Burberry tie, and what he calls a “Mad Men-style Steven Alan skinny tie.”

When the day finally came, and by finally we mean 48 hour later, Anna went and had her hair blown out and did her own makeup. “I added a little braid and some baby’s breath flowers with a pin to my hair” and they headed to the court house.


The couple got married around 4pm. “The ceremony was immediately followed by a toast for all who attended at the nearest bar we could find,” Lucas told

The couple and their friends and family ended up toasting using beer “because the only Champagne the bar had was served in a can. We also ordered a bunch of french fries — nobody had eaten all day!” Lucas said.

After the toast was a big family dinner, followed by an after-party and dancing “until the sun came up”.

The next morning the couple hosted a boozy brunch and then headed to the Carlyle hotel to start their newlywed life is style.

A quick, beautiful, and stylish wedding. Just like New York.

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