7 reasons pizza is the answer to absolutely everything in your life.

McCain Rustica Wood Fired Pizza
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I’ve always loved pizza.

For me, pizza is more than a meal choice, it’s an obsession.

Although I’ve heard other people talk about their ‘love’ of pizza – I know a true pizza obsession takes saucy, cheesy devotion to a whole new level.

Pizza is perfect for an easy mid-week meal and it’s the ultimate weekend splurge. And while pizza can feed a crowd, it’s perfectly acceptable to hide the leftovers and eat them all yourself.

Here’s s signs that you might be similarly obsessed with the meaty, cheesy, crusty goodness that is pizza:

1. Your perfect night in involves pizza and wine.

If you’re anything like me, Friday afternoons are for dreaming about pizza and wine – and why not? You’ve earned it. While your workmates might be planning a big night out, you know you’ll soon be curled up in front of the TV with a slice of pizza and a glass of wine. Pizza is the ultimate comfort at the end of a long week and don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

pizza obsession
Pizza with friends. Image: iStock.

2. Pizza is your answer to EVERYTHING.

While you were growing up, you always celebrated with pizza. Every birthday party involved some form of pizza, and every time you had a sleepover, pizza and scary movies were at the top of the agenda. When you won the netball grand final, you and your team mates fought over who got the last slice of meat lovers. And when your parents finally let you stay home alone at night - pizza was definitely on the menu.

Now as an adult, you can't help but reward yourself with pizza. Got through another hard day at work? Pizza. Just got that big promotion? Pizza. Finally saved up for a house deposit? Pizza, pizza and more pizza.

3. You're totally on top of the latest pizza innovations.

Although you know and love your classics (pepperoni, anyone?) you also consider yourself a bit of a pizza connoisseur - there's not a flavour combination or stuffed crust that you haven't tried.

You know premium, woodfired sourdough pizza is huge and you've already devoured a McCain Rustica Margherita. McCain Rustica is not your average frozen pizza - it's natural, it tastes even better than your local pizzeria, and you don't even have to leave the house. It only takes 12-14 minutes to cook the cheesy, crusty goodness in your own oven. Did I mention sourdough crust? Yuuuum.

pizza obsession
Pizza IS the love of your life. Image: Universal Pictures.

4. Three cheeses is not enough. It's four cheeses or nothing.

Let's get one thing straight - there can never be enough cheese. Cheese is basically the glue that holds the pizza together and without cheese - there would be no pizza. And we don't even want to imagine a world without pizza.

Although some people think three cheese pizza is the ultimate cheesy, pizza experience - you know, deep down, there will always be room for more cheese. It's four cheeses or nothing, people.

5. Even YOU can fit pizza into your busy lifestyle. 

You might not have time to lodge your tax return, visit the dentist, or make the bed - but you definitely have time for pizza. When you get home at night, you know you can pop a pizza in the oven, and it'll be ready to eat by the time you've changed into your comfy clothes and switched on the TV.

pizza obsession
Pizza makes you want to do this. Image: NBC.

6. You think pizza is the perfect meal for every occasion.

Your friends and family try to tell you that there's some occasions where pizza is not appropriate - but you don't believe them. Pizza is the perfect mid-week meal, it makes boring work meetings so much more appealing, and if you want to walk down the aisle in a giant pizza suit and serve pizza at your wedding reception, that's totally your choice.

7. Your friends come to you for pizza recommendations.

You're like a walking pizza dictionary. Your friends are constantly messaging you to get pizza recommendations and to ask you whether you've tried the latest pizza trend (um, of course you have).

Although you've seriously considered charging for your pizza expertise, you know you really just want to spread the pizza love as much as you can.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner McCain Rustica Wood Fired Pizza.