Pizza dipped in milk is the food combination we wish we didn't know about.

Whether it’s popcorn mixed with Maltesers or bananas wrapped in bacon, unusual food combinations are nothing new. But every once in a while, a food pairing sends shockwaves across the interwebs.

A couple of years ago, it was the revelation that some people eat their cereal with ice cubes in it. Just last week, a journalist revealed he eats tuna-filled pancakes for breakfast, and was admonished by horrified Twitter users.

If you think eating pancakes with tuna is weird, you’re going to need to sit down before you look at this:

Yep. That’s a beautiful, innocent slice of pizza… being ruthlessly dunked into a glass of milk.

According to Buzzfeed, the photo was first shared by a college student named Mariam, who wanted to try a pizza combination that would be “more disgusting” than using pineapple as a topping (um… rude).

However, she declared the pairing of milk and pizza to be “WAYYY better” — a finding that shocked her as much as it’s horrified us. (Post continues after embed.)

Although Mariam has since switched her Twitter account to private, owing to the extreme reactions her photo generated, it’s being reposted by others and causing plenty of debate.

Unsurprisingly, pizza + milk has found plenty of opponents:

The supporters of this pizza technique have been lying low, which is understandable but also a shame because we have SO MANY QUESTIONS about this eating habit. For instance:

Doesn’t the milk end up with all these little floaty spots of oil in it, and isn’t that gross?

Doesn’t the slice get… soggy?

What, exactly, does the milk add to the experience?

Isn’t the cheese on the pizza enough lactose for you?

Lorelai and Rory would never stand for this pizza behaviour. (Image: The WB)

Do you drink the milk afterwards? If so, does it take on the flavour of the pizza? If not, isn't that a bit wasteful?

Doesn't the milk make your pizza cold? Doesn't the pizza make your milk warm?

Thankfully, Youtuber James Dator has taken one for the team and road-tested the milk-dipping technique, answering some of our questions in the process.

"I'm going to say that it's not horrible," he admitted, before acknowledging there are two problems with the unusual pizza-eating approach. (Post continues after video.)


Yes, temperature contrast is one of them. "Hot piece of pizza, cold glass of milk. When you mix those two things together, you get lukewarm pizza and slightly lukewarm milk," he explained.

"Second problem, it is ruining my glass of milk ... there is an oil slick and some particle matter in my glass of milk."

Hmm... no thanks.

Have you tried dipping your pizza in milk? Would you?