Three-year-old Pixie Curtis is nailing life better than you.

Of course she is.

With 91,038 followers at last count, the ‘Aussie Princess of Instagram’ is killing it in comparison to most toddlers her age.

At three-years-old, this little entrepreneur already has her own line of hair bows and now, Pixie Curtis is branching out into…. Skin care.

If you were scratching your head too (what does a 3-year-old now about cleanse-tone-moisturise), don’t worry, it’s a skin care line for children. But we would definitely be on board if she was making miracle adult products to give us skin like a toddler.

Her ‘mumager’, PR guru Roxy Jacenko says the natural baby and toddler skin care range will be launching in June this year.

"The mumager @roxyjacenko and I are enjoying well earned drink after work today! I am just about sleeping standing up." (Image via Instagram)

Roxy told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday: "Pixie and I have been working on a fun and natural baby and toddler skincare range for about six months now - product development has been something that's been hugely successful for us since the launch of her bow range, Pixie's Bows, so it was a natural progression to move on to the next range which we identified as being skincare and personal products for tots."

"[The] ranges include bath and body wash through to baby oil and bottom rash cream and everything in between," Roxy continued.

The mother daughter duo will also be working on international stockists when they travel to New York and Los Angeles tomorrow.

Little brother Hunter looks over product designs for the new line (Image via Instagram)

And little brother Hunter is keeping a keen eye on production of the new products, looking over design sketches in a picture taken by mum Roxy.

"Kid's thinking as he views the packaging designs with @simon_portbury - 'not another freakin product @pixiecurtis !!!! Aren't your darn #pixiesbows enough...!' #pixiesskincare - coming soon !" Roxy captioned the photo.

This sure is one hard working family.

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