Instagram icon Pixie Curtis, daughter of Roxy Jacenko, targeted by sick photoshop prank.

“It is sick and in my eyes it’s paedophilia.”

Instagram star and four-year-old fashion icon Pixie Curtis has been targeted by a sick hoax with images of the little girl doctored in distressing sexual and pornographic pictures circulated among top Sydney fashion identities.

Her mother, PR executive Roxy Jacenko has acted immediately to block Pixie’s Instagram account while police investigate the matter.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Roxy Jacenko, 35, was alerted to the images by an anonymous tip-off and she went straight to police to discuss and take the necessary action in order to protect her daughter.

“When it was brought to my attention by an anonymous tip-off — verbally and in writing along with the picture evidence — I went straight to Rose Bay police station.”

The four-year-old is one of Instagram’s biggest child stars. ( Image via Facebook)

She says that senior detectives are investigating the images.

Pixie Curtis is known as one of Instagram’s most popular stars with more than 109,000 followers and her own fashion label “Pixie’s Bows”.

Together with her mother, she travels the world in her hair accessories, visiting fine restaurants and is photographed in luxury hotels with expensive cars.

Roxy Jacenko says she has spoken to senior detectives. ( Image via Instagram)

Jacenko has switched Pixie’s popular account to private in order to protect the little girl.

Police are investigating the images that have been distributed amongst fashion circles including a former staffer for a well-known designer and another unnamed fashion designer.

The images are believed to have been doctored by three men known to Jacenko.

“As a mother, everything I do is for the children, both Pixie and Hunter,” Jacenko told The Daily Telegraph.

“It sickens me to think that grown men, within the same industry, could possibly find any humour in superimposing my four-year-old daughter, or ­anyone’s child for that ­matter, into lewd and ­explicit situations. It is sick and in my eyes, it’s paedophilia.”

Police would not elaborate due to “the sensitivity of the matter and the age of the child”. ( Image via Instagram)

The Daily Telegraph says they contacted the three men, but one denied any involvement saying, “I don’t know why my name’s been attached to that.”

The lewd images are described as showing Pixie superimposed in her nightie behind a glass box alongside a prostitute in Amsterdam.

The second image showed the four-year-old reading a book that displayed an image of two men having sex.

Police confirmed to media an investigation is in progress but would not elaborate due to “the sensitivity of the matter and the age of the child”.