This 2 y/o girl makes $200 every time she posts a photo on Instagram.


Roxy Jacenko’s two-year-old daughter, red-headed cutie Pixie Curtis, has an Instagram account. Which 12,000 people follow.

Roxy, who owns the PR company Sweaty Betty and appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, writes witty captions on the social media account from Pixie’s perspective. The Roxy/Pixie mother-daughter team have been running the Instagram account @pixiecurtis for about eight months.

Everyone’s talking about it now because we have just found out that Pixie makes money from her Instagram account and makes a LOT.

The Australian Women’s Weekly published a rate card from Roxy’s blog management company Ministry of Talent revealing that companies can pay $200 to get their products featured on Pixie’s account. Given Pixie posts photos several times a day, that’s rather a lot of money for a two-year-old to potentially make.

We have so many questions. So, we took them all straight to the PR queen herself, Roxy Jacenko.

Did you talk it through with your husband, mother or family when you started Pixie’s account?

It all started as a little bit of fun so she can look back as she grows up and enjoy the moments! It wasn’t something that we discussed

Pixie’s Instagram account.

really, it was all started for some fun so a major meeting with family members didn’t really cross my mind!

She laughs when she looks at the pictures – its crazy how savvy little ones are with technology. I can’t even work out how to store a phone number in my iPhone but you have her clicking on the Instagram, scrolling through her pictures and laughing or quoting “Oh noooo” or “Mummmmm!”

Do you moderate the comments on Pixie’s account? How do you protect her from mean people?

If someone writes something which isn’t respectful, of course I would remove it; I’m her mother and my duty is to protect her. There are very few nasty comments. However, on the odd occasion, there may be one and if it’s inappropriate, it will be removed. The reality is, and something I think people need to realize, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it. And furthermore, if you don’t like it or don’t agree, stop following her!!!

Are you ever worried people will bully Pixie online?

I don’t really think (or have experienced) that a picture of her in a nice dress or enjoying herself swimming or whatever it may be – normal kid activities that are going to attract bullies – and Instagram is an incredible operation which in fact has several measures in place to avoid this. Of course, I monitor this and if she was in a position of danger, I would take the necessary steps to  protect her – that’s a mother’s duty.

According to the Ministry of Talent rate card, a mention from @pixiecurtis is $200. Will Pixie get that money? How did you decide on a rate? What kind of products does she receive?

Pixie on Instagram

Ahhh the rate card! Serious detective work that was! And quite funny. In one sentence, AWW quoted me saying I don’t discuss financial renumeration but then finished the sentence by publishing a copyright and internal company document. No professional company discusses rates – it would be like me asking someone their salary – its none of my business!

Pixie does work with various brands and some of which pay her for her services, of these its transparent and stated ‘Sponsored by X’ on the post. She has worked for all sorts of brands which are specific to kids.

How do you respond to other mothers who might judge you for making your child a social media star?

Each to their own. I don’t respond and I don’t judge other mothers on how they choose to raise their children. So I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business as to how I raise mine!

You said recently that if you want something in life, you have to work for it. Do you consider what Pixie is doing is work?

Correct. It’s how I have the business I have today. You work to achieve and if opportunities come your way – you make the most of them. If Pixie receives remuneration for any work she does, be it sponsored instagrams which are noted sponsored or catalogue work for Best & Less, why should she not receive remuneration for it! It’s building her a base for her future and teaching her that nothing comes for nothing! The sooner kids realise that, the better.

Would you have been happy if your mother made you an Instagram star?

I don’t think I would worry about it either way – if Pixie doesn’t like it as she gets older, she can delete it at anytime. What I do know though is that when she is in a position whereby she has money in the bank to use wisely, be it for property or travel, or to perhaps start her own business, I am sure she will be very thankful that she had a headstart!

What else do you want Pixie to know about life, via her Instagram work?

Work and you will succeed. Have a good attitude and kindness to others and you are well on your way!

Pixie always writes captions in first person. Is that always you writing it?

Yes its me!

Do you workshop those captions?

Of course, I don’t ever open my mouth or write something without considering it – that’s just common sense!

How do you think Pixie will feel when she grows up a bit and already has this huge public profile?

I don’t know if it’s a huge profile. I think if it’s anything, it’s that carrot-coloured hair that people recognise pre her. It’s truly unique! @pixiecurtis was started for fun to share with friends and family. A quest for profile raising wasn’t the reason why it started. And certainly not something a two-year-old would think would even occur!


Here are a few pictures from Pixie’s Instagram account.