Last night, Pixie and Hunter Curtis' bedtime went out the window.

As every parent will tell you, putting the kids to bed can be a real struggle sometimes.

PR Guru Roxy Jacenko had one of those nights yesterday when her two adorable children Pixie, 4, and Hunter, 2, were not interested in sleeping even at 11.59pm.

Jacenko shared a video on her son Hunter’s Instagram last night of Pixie and Hunter screaming and rolling around in the sheets despite it clearly being way past their bedtime.

“What are you doing?” Jacenko can be heard exclaiming. “It’s sleep time!”

Jacenko, who always hilariously captions her children’s photos from their point of view, wrote “She’s really got things well under control. 11.59PM Tuesday” under the video.

Jacenko’s husband Oliver Curtis was recently found guilty of insider trading and jailed for two years. In court, Jacenko shared that Curtis did most of the parenting at home while she ran her successful PR Firm Sweaty Betty.

Many of Hunter’s Instagram followers were quick to support Jacenko as she adjusts to the new routine.

“Kids out of routine is horrendous,” Kate Phillips wrote. “I hope you had them settled not too much later.”

“I literally love following you lot,” Instagram user runnamumma commented. “So relatable.”

We hope that Roxy and her children get a much better night’s sleep tonight.

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