Roxy Jacenko just released limited edition Pixie's Bows for a very good cause.

In the wake of Roxy Jacenko‘s shock breast cancer announcement, the PR genius and her little daughter Pixie have started selling pink bows for a beautiful reason.

“We’ve launched a new Pixie’s Bows limited edition pack,” the mum-of-two announced on her personal Instagram page with a photo of her 4-year-old donning a pink hair accessory. “With 50% of all proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia.” ❤️ @pixiecurtis

A photo posted by Roxy Jacenko (@roxyjacenko) on Jul 18, 2016 at 6:57pm PDT

The wonderful decision comes after the 36-year-old felt a lump in her breast while showering.

Now the Sweaty Betty PR founder is determined to ensure other women do not find themselves in her position.

“Be vigilant with self-examination,” Jacenko told Fairfax Media“Don’t just happen to be showering and come across a lump like I did.

“I should have known better and I should have done routine mammograms knowing that my mum had suffered from breast cancer – but I didn’t, I just thought, ‘I’ll worry about that when I am 40 plus’.


“Even when you think ‘that will never happen to me,’ one day you could wake up to start the day and it will – just like me.”

Video via Instagram

In extraordinary timing, Jacenko discovered the lump on her left breast just eight days after her husband, Oliver Curtis, began his two-year-long jail sentence for conspiring to commit insider training.

Jacenko told her husband the horrible news over the phone.

“He happened to phone when I was at the specialist, so I just told him then,” she told The Advertiser. “Obviously he has got no control to be able to assist with anything, so it is particularly challenging for him.”

She added that the intense media scrutiny and stress of her husband’s prison sentence may have contributed to her condition.

“Could this [her husband’s imprisonment] have added to it? You know what? I am not going to say no,” she said.

Since, CEO of Breast Cancer Australia Sanchia Aranda has denied such a link between stress and cancer exists.

“In more than 10 studies that have examined the link between stress and the risk of breast cancer, no cause and effect has been found.” The professor has told

To purchase a pink Pixie bow and support Breast Cancer Network Australia, click here.