This hospital gave the best Christmas present to new mums.


It’s always exciting to open up your Christmas stocking from Santa on the morning of the 25th.

But these new mums received a very special gift this Christmas this year – with love from some remarkable hospital staff.

This year, nurses at the Magee-Women’s Hospital wrapped their hospital’s newborns in festive beanies and red woollen jumpers, and placed them inside a Christmas stocking, ready to be taken home.

They shared this picture on Facebook, which soon became a viral sensation, seen the world over.

The newborns at Magee-Women’s Hospital.

A message accompanying the pictures read: “‘If you’ve walked through the Magee lobby recently, you may have noticed a group of women surrounded by construction tape.”

“Known as the “Magee Knitters”, the group started in September 2014 with a mission to make caps for the newborn babies at the hospital.”

And if that doesn’t give you Christmas cheer – you’ve only got 369 days to work up to it for next year.