Pitch Perfect 3 almost had a 'problematic' storyline. But Anna Kendrick was having none of it.

There’s a storyline missing from Pitch Perfect 3 and we have actress to Anna Kendrick to thank.

Yes, thank.

The third film follows the Barden Bellas as they reunite for one last competition overseas where they clash with a rival group, led by a character played by Ruby Rose.

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According to Kendrick, the plan was originally to have her character romantically involved with a music executive she works with.

She categorically said 'No'.

"Originally the music executive was supposed by my romantic interest but I said no to that, because I thought that would be kind of f*cking problematic," she told Harpers Bazaar UK.

"I was like, 'Can no one else [see it]? Once I said it, everybody was like, 'I guess so.'"

They then tried to change it to a toned-down version where the pair kissed at the end but Kendrick kept her foot down.

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In a film like Pitch Perfect which has been rare in its female dominated cast and feminist attitude - not to mention in a post-Weinstein world - it's a storyline that just wasn't necessary.

Kendrick's work didn't stop there to remind those "higher up" of that fact though.

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In the same interview, she said the cast regularly received notes after wardrobes from "the top" suggesting their outfits should be "tighter and sexier and show more skin".

Erm, right.

"I'm like, that's not why people are coming to see the movie. They definitely aren't showing up because of our sex appeal. It's nice that audiences are interested in seeing a movie of misfits and girls of different shapes and sizes," Kendrick told the magazine.

Bang on.

Aussies will be able to watch Pitch Perfect 3 (minus the problematic plotline) when it hits cinemas January 1st 2018.