Pippa Middleton's wedding reception was just as magical as you'd expect.


We’ve heard all about the star-studded guest list of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ wedding.

We’ve heard about the nuptials that reportedly cost upwards of AU$2 million, and we’ve seen pictures of the lavish honeymoon destination where the newlyweds are now relaxing.

pippa middleton wedding
"Yes, my wedding was amazing. Thanks." Source: Getty.

So we kinda sorta knew the decor of Pippa's reception was going to be spectacular.

But, despite all of that, we still weren't prepared for just how beautiful the interior of the wedding was going to be.

The florist responsible for decorating the glass wedding marquee where the couple held their reception has shared - and then, mysteriously, quickly deleted - images of his work.

Image via Instagram.

Yes. Those are real, blossoming cherry trees in the centre of the tables, giving a whole new meaning to the night's theme of "enchanted forest".

The tables were also covered with pink and white roses and green foliage.

Image via Instagram.

Djordje Varda - an art director, event and floral designer - shared three pictures of the inside of the reception, teasing fans with close-up details.

"Let me tell you the story about a special wedding for very special and lovely people," he captioned the pictures, adding the hashtag #pippamiddleton.

Image via Instagram.

According to the Daily Mail, the floral designs would have cost "tens of thousands of pounds", and were set up inside a AU$170,000 "glass dome" that was shipped from Belgium especially for the occasion.

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