Someone tried to sell a souvenir stolen from Pippa Middleton's wedding.

An Ebay seller has got more than they bargained for after trying to spruik a stolen souvenir from Pippa Middleton’s wedding online.

Under the username “guarko84na”, the seller tried to pawn off two menus from the socialite’s reception with the bidding starting at £500, the equivalent of more than $850 Aussie dollars.

The menus featured a choice of Berkshire Mayfly Trout or Cannan of Herdwick Lamb followed by a fancy cheesecake.

“Original Menus used during the wedding dinner of Pippa & James Mattews(sic) hosted in Backlebury(sic) May 20th 2017.

“They are printed on thick paper and have a light green line on the edges, the names are handwritten.

“Pippa menu is a bit dirty of food on the left side James one is clean.

“They are genuine and original, actually used for the dinner.

“As you can see in the second picture that I found online they have the same stile(sic) of the invitation to the guests.”

The authenticity of the items has not been confirmed, nor will it be as they’ve now been taken off the market, The Sun asserts, due to legal action by Middleton and her new husband James Matthews.

Regardless, it’s good to know not everything on the wedding menu – the total cost of which is estimated well above $400,000 – was a disappointing as the wedding cake, which was reportedly a fancied up fruit cake.


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