Pippa Middleton has chosen a very healthy new career path. There's just one problem with it.

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If you needed any more proof that ‘wellness’ has become a status symbol, look no further than Pippa Middleton. The Royal sister-in-law and noted green smoothie enthusiast seems to be taking her health coaching ambitions rather seriously.

Earlier this year it was reported Pippa had enrolled in a course through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition — of which both Pete Evans and Sarah Wilson are alumni — and was putting her nutritional learnings into practice by creating recipes for her newborn niece, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

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Evidently, the 31-year-old has now taken that ‘Why not?’ philosophy one step further by creating her own 10-week fitness program for anyone interested in attaining a Royal physique.

Pippa’s “10 week tone-up” is accessible on the website of upmarket UK grocery store Waitrose, and provides workout suggestions and tips on a week-by-week basis. (Post continues after gallery.)

She recommends a variety of workouts, ranging from lunges and walking to jumping on a trampoline. Evidently, she’s also a big fan of exercising outdoors.

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“Fresh air, scenery and nature can all add to that feel-good factor, so exercising outdoors will invigorate the soul and flush the cheeks for a healthy glow. Check whether your local park has an outdoor gym, and make the most of your natural resources and surroundings, such as a local footpath or trail route. You could even do my push-up routine using just a park bench!” the former party planner and author of the widely-panned Celebrate writes.

Pippa clearly loves her fitness. (Getty)



"It’s easy to put off exercise and reason that life is too busy to get fit. But the truth is – it’s not. Exercise can easily be incorporated into your life; all it requires is a change of mentality."

Although this all sounds like very sound and reasonable advice, there's one slight issue with Pippa's health program: she doesn't actually have any fitness credentials.

"I’m not a trained fitness professional but fitness and health have always been of core importance to me and as the weather warms, I’m enthused by the This Girl Can campaign and the attraction of sporting events around the country," she acknowledges. (Post continues after video.)

That's probably an important caveat. Although we're all for famous people encouraging healthy lifestyles — and Pippa is clearly a fitness enthusiast — it seems slightly problematic to advising others without clear consultation from a trained expert.

Larry Emdur has also recently launched his own body transformation program, but he's done it in conjunction with his personal trainer.

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Regardless, we're sure Pippa's program will find a loyal following — where the Royals go, the rest of the world seems to follow, right?

Would you take fitness advice from a Royal?