“I did my hair and makeup according to my Pinterest pins for one whole week.”

Image: Brittany Stewart.

I’m a massive Pinterest addict. I have boards for everything – beauty looks I love, style inspiration, meals to cook, fancy desserts to bake, what my future house will look like and even, ahem, some wedding inspo. No, I’m not engaged.

The problem? For all the pretty pictures I pin, I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually recreated them in real life.

So for a week, I set myself the challenge of doing my hair and makeup based on what popped up in my Pinterest feed.

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The rules:

1) I had to do whatever the first hair/beauty image that popped up.

2) I was allowed one veto.

3) They had to be different every day.

This is the result.

 Day 1

I'm relieved to find my first look of the challenge to be a relatively achievable one. I love this look from Harper and Harley - the flawless #IWokeUpLikeThis hair and fresh pop of colour on the lips. I love orange as an exciting alternative to classic red, and surprisingly, it's a colour that's flattering to most skin tones.

This hairstyle is great if you're having a good hair day, and is all about naturally messy and tousled. Thanks to my curly hair, messy is no problem. The hardest part of this look? Trying to perfect the pout. Damn.
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Day 2

Today, there are two separate pictures of inspiration for hair and beauty. The messy half bun which promises to be the hairstyle even the laziest person can master, and a bright pink lip. But how do they work together? (Post continues in and after gallery.)


The verdict

I had predicted I'd lose precious beauty sleep from having to rise early to perfect fancy looking hairstyles. So I was actually surprised at how achievable the looks were.

While, I'm all for a quick morning routine, it was amazing just how much better I felt when I made an effort with my looks, and it was easy to see that confidence transferred across all areas of my life. I felt happy, confident and put together - and definitely pushed out of my usual hair and makeup comfort zone.

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I also managed to rediscover some old favourite products and try some new ones I never thought I'd get round to.

Think you've got what it takes to complete the Pinterest challenge? Try it yourself - and don't forget to share the results by tagging us on Twitter or Instagram @theglowau.

Would you try out your favourite pins in real life like I did?