The 15 most cringe-worthy Pinterest beauty fails we've ever seen.

There are many reasons to love Pinterest.

It can be a great source of inspiration (quite literally, when it comes to those inspirational quotes), an avenue for creativity, and a space where you can secretly plan every minute detail of your wedding… even if you’re not actually engaged or have, ahem, already tied the knot.

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Sometimes, a Pinterest creation will be so captivating you just have to try it out for yourself in real life. Occasionally it works. More often that not, the result is an epic Pinterest fail.

While they’re annoying when they happens to you, Pin-trocities certainly make for great, guilty entertainment when other people share them.

Exhibit A:

(Image via


To the untrained eye, the image above is a glorious Parisian-themed manicure.

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But for the everyday Pinterest user (or anyone who has ever tried to recreate something that requires fine motor skills), this also immediately flags a Pinterest disaster.

Exhibit B:

(Image via


For your enjoyment, we've compiled some of the most spectacular Pinterest beauty fails on the internet. Don't let these images deter you from embarking on your own attempts; rather, see them as... well, as 'expectations management'.

Have you had a Pinterest beauty fail?