The big health and fitness trends of 2016, according to Pinterest.

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From “rucking” to Viking-inspired workouts, 2015’s fitness trends were… interesting, to say the least. It was a similar story in the health and wellness category — who could have possibly foreseen the popularity of adult colouring books?

We don’t have a crystal ball to predict what’s in store for 2016, but we do have the next best thing: Pinterest. With millions of users pinning everything they’re doing and interested in, the website has some pretty decent insights into what’s trending — and they’re all on display in The Pinterest 100 for 2016 board.

“We looked at trending Pins in popular categories, Pins from our most influential Pinners and even a few hand-picked by Pinterest employees,” brand writer Mac Huynh explains. Without further ado, here are the movements and trends you’ll be seeing a lot of this year.


Tabata workouts

Hard, fast, effective: fitness experts are big on Tabata, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not as initimidating as it sounds; in fact, the principle behind this training method is very straightforward. “Tabata is essentially 20 seconds of high-intensity work, followed by 10 seconds of recovery.

The original approach is to do the same exercise eight times, for four minutes: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, eight rounds,” personal trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson told The Glow.

Tabata is hard and fast. And it works. (Image: iStock)


It seems backs are, um, back. They've been a bit of a fitness 'blind spot', but images and articles featuring back-focused workouts are popping up all over Pinterest. Could this herald the end of The Bum Era? Our poor old backs put up with a lot from us, so it's about time we gave them the love and attention (and exercise) they need.

Watch: A strong core helps, too. Here's a strengthening exercise from the team at Paper Tiger. (Post continues after video.)


Yes, athleisure will be maintaining its grip on fashion trends in 2016. As the Pinterest team explains, "Athleisure gets elevated, combining high-performance with high-quality, like cashmere." You've been warned. Also, expect to spy a lot of throwback kicks like Adidas Originals' gold-capped Stan Smith sneakers, which have been pinned countless times.

These shoes are big business on Pinterest. (Image: Asos)

Ju jitsu

It didn't make the Pinterest 100 board, but apparently ju jitsu is already rising in popularity this year — and we're only a fortnight in. A Pinterest spokesperson told Mashable the martial arts technique has been pinned 39 per cent more in 2016 than 2015. Self-defence skills and a good all-body workout? We're keen. (Post continues after gallery.)


Health and wellbeing

Nutrition goes back to basics

Good news: crash diets are seriously crashing, and they're taking paleo with them. Pinterest's head of consumer communications Christine Schirmer told Mashable that pins featuring "crash diets" have plummeted by 70 per cent since 2015, and since this time last year "paleo diet" content has dropped by 30 per cent. Finally, it seems the 'diets don't work' message is being heard.

Instead, the site has observed more interest in a "simpler and cleaner" approach to nutrition — well-prepared recipes with fewer ingredients, and less focus on "gimmicks and crazy plating." Thank God for that.

Simple, clean food: we're in.

Adult colouring books

Derwent pencil tins at the ready: whether you like it or not, the most surprising (and colourful) mindfulness trend of 2015 is here to stay. "Who knew coloring for grown-ups would make a resurgence? I love the idea of getting creative and all of the health benefits that colouring provides. It's so relaxing," Pinner Amy Anderson said.

Pencils at the ready.

"Bullet" journals

In another sort-of throwback to a more innocent time, pinners are showing a lot of interest in Bullet Journal. Described as "the analog system for the digital age", this is a customisable organisational technique that will "teach you to do more with less" and help you get across your to-do list — and all you need is a notebook and a pen. Say goodbye to your iPhone calendar, because the Pinterest interest in this trend is already up 67 per cent this year.

Journals are back, y'all.


Do any of these trends tickle your fancy?