The conversation every woman needs to have with her best friend today.

It’s no secret that as women, we often put our own health and wellbeing last.

Countless studies have shown that partners, childrens and even our pet’s health usually comes first – but it’s not doing us any favours.

The consequences are concerning and often very dangerous, leaving us with higher risks of diseases including numerous types of cancer for which early diagnosis is essential.

But something as simple as making a pinky promise with a friend could make all the difference.

True Besties & long time Pink Hope supporters Tash & Elle talk about what it means to be a best friends and how they you continually support each other… Elle: “it’s unconditional support no matter what; it’s always having each others back and believing in the other person 100%. We support each other by being there every day for each other no matter what.” Tash: “it’s also having no agenda – we navigate our friendship as we go whilst always having unconditional love. We get each other’s weakness and strength and support when one of us needs help.” This June get involved and support Pink Hope’s Pinky Promise campaign.. While you promise to always be there for each other, Pink Hope pledges to be there to support you though your journey! Head to to show your support! Pic credit [ @gemma_peanut ] @tashsefton @elle_ferguson (makeup @revlonanz hair @joicoaustralianz )

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Since preventative health charity Pink Hope first launched the Pinky Promise campaign in 2015, over 24,000 women have pledged to be accountable for their own and best friend’s health.

Celebrities including Rosie Huntington-Whitley, Lily Aldridge and The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich have also jumped on board.

The idea for the campaign came about when the breast and ovarian cancer-focussed charity realised that it was only really when a loved one experiences a health scare that we take it as a wake up call to look after ourselves.

Listen: Tracy Bevan tells Mia Freedman about losing her best friend, Jane McGrath to breast cancer. Post continues after audio.

From those testing times often comes genuine connections between women sharing similar health issues or concerns.

The pinky promise makes having each other’s backs official, meaning you’ll remind, keep on track and support them when it comes to their health.

More widely, the campaign helps to educate and support women whilst raising awareness about the tools and resources that are available for women to assess their personal risks of breast and ovarian cancer risks.


The humble act has been given a bit of an update since your days in the school playground though.

The idea is to download and print the pledge cards from the Pink Hope website, take a picture with your best friend and share on social media with the hashtag #BFFPinkyPromise.

Want to take it one step further? Purchase something from The Pink Shop, with all proceeds going to Pink Hope’s life saving work.

Ultimately, it’s about not letting life get in the way of keeping on top of your health – and all it takes is a conversation.