How making a "pinkie promise" with your best mate could save your life.


Thought ‘pinky promises’ were a lost relic of your childhood? Well, a whole host of Australian celebrities are bringing them back — all in the name of women’s health.

Pinky Promise is a new initiative from Pink Hope, encouraging women around the country to make a pinky promise with their best friend in order to reduce their risk of preventable cancer.

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Pink Hope is a breast and ovarian cancer charity, founded by Krystal Barter. Krystal founded the organisation after she discovered her family’s cancer history was not by chance, but due to a gene fault called BRCA1 – the same gene made famous by Angelina Jolie — which predisposes the carrier to breast and ovarian cancer.  

Torah Bright and Cassandra Michelin make their promise (Instagram)

“We want friends to keep each other accountable by pledging to get regular screening tests, to maintain a healthy diet, or to stop smoking,” Krystal says.

“The World Health Organisation says at least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable — so making a simple pledge or ‘pinky promise’ with your best friend might be the best way to keep your health on track and reduce your risk of cancer.”

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So far, famous faces including Miranda Kerr, author Kathy Lette, Olympian Torah Bright, former Miss Universe Australia Renee Ayris, and TV presenters Sally Obermeder, Laura Csortan and Natarsha Belling have all thrown their support (and their little fingers) behind this fantastic campaign. (Post continues after gallery.)

According to a recent survey of 260 women, commissioned by Pink Hope, health is the second-most important topic of discussion when best friends get together – below family, but above love life, work and finances.

More than 75 per cent of Australian women would make a promise to help their best friend lead a healthier life. 65 per cent of respondents said if their best friend pledged to help them commit to their health goals, it would help them stay on track.


“This shows the support of friends is really important, and that’s why we think making a ‘pinky promise’ pledge will make a difference.”

Pledge to help support your bestie commit to their health goals. Image via Instagram.


How to get involved

Grab a friend and make your pledge at before the end of June. There an added incentive: not only are you making a great decision for your health, but you also go in the draw to win a trip to New York City with your best mate.

Once you sign up, there are plenty of small, easy changes you can make — cutting out smoking, eating healthier or making sure you and your buddy don't forget that pap smear you're due for.

Miranda Kerr has made her pinky promise. Image via Instagram.

"I’m making cancer prevention a part of my everyday life through healthy eating, exercising and regular screening - having cancer has really changed my perspective on my health," says The Daily Edition co-host and breast cancer survivor Sally Obermeder.

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For Renae Ayris, the commitment represents her ongoing focus on health and raising cancer awareness.

"I am generally really healthy and take an active step in being in control of my health, so I made a Pinky Promise that I would continue on in my dedication to Pink Hope’s prevention work and putting my health first," she says.

We know what we'll be talking to our besties about tonight.

How will you help your bestie make health the top priority?

Here's Pink Hope founder founder Krystal Barter talking with our publisher Mia Freedman about how her life changed after she discovered she was a BRCA carrier.