Colour Change: from brunette to pink ombre.


Image: Andreja before her appointment (via Instagram)

Andreja is a Slovenian artist who enjoys customising dolls. She styles them with cute outfits and often adds striking pastel shades to their hair.

So when she paid a visit to Melbourne salon Blondie’s Hair for a colourful makeover of her own, it was like life imitating art.

Over 7 hours hours (yes it takes that long!) Andreja’s hair went from a natural brown with a slight balayage running through the ends, to a gorgeous platinum blonde with pastel pink and purple ombre. Basically, it’s the kind of hair you’d expect to see on a kick-arse Marvel superhero – or even one of Andreja’s dolls.

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Check out Andreja’s transformation in the gallery below:

After looking at these photos, does anyone else have a sudden urge for fairy floss? Or a hair appointment?

We’re not the only ones who love Andreja’s hair – she’s been getting compliments everywhere.

“I keep getting comments about my hair from random people on the streets, people seem to like it,” she wrote on Instagram.

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But this is just the beginning. Andreja’s colourist, Karen Lewis – who was also responsible for Stella Young’s stunning mermaid makeover – says she plans to go the full rainbow at her next appointment. We’re eagerly awaiting the results.

If you’re contemplating a rainbow transformation of your own, click here to find out everything you know about the cost and upkeep.

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Karen and her partner are opening their own appointment-only salon in North Fitzroy called Blondies of Melbourne. Appointments can be made by emailing Karen directly at and you can follow their work on Instagram – @blondieshair