Now this is a cake craze we can get behind.

Forget rainbow cakes, they aren’t cool any more. Now it is all about going Mexican with a pinata cake.

When my colleagues told me about a Piñata cake craze, I actually thought mothers were going to the effort to make a cake, string it up to a tree and watch their kids bash it with whatever stick they could find.

Not so.

They are so, so, so much cooler than that and I can understand why everyone wants them.

Basically, it is a normal looking cake. BUT! The inside is hollow (wait for it) and instead (wait for it) filled with tasty treats! This is the part I love about it. It looks like an average, boring cake, but one slice and you have M&Ms, Smarties, Snickers, Gummy Bears, anything spilling out of it.

What is better than cake and icing?

Cake, icing and lollies/chocolate!

It does sound like a lot of effort (and here’s a virtual high five to all those mums who go to this effort) but it is fast taking over the obsession I have had since I was 5 years old – Barbie princess cakes.

If you are wondering how to make one, here’s the basic idea:

Make a cake (either from the cake box packet mix like me or you can go fancy) in 2 or more round pans. Let them cool completely while you make yummy icing.

Once the cake is cool, hollow them out - keeping about 5 cms from the edges and 5cms from the bottom and top. Insert tasty treats inside (you can put unwrapped or wrapped lollies). Close the cake, ice it and voilà - boring-looking cake with awesome inside surprise.

 Still sceptical? Click through this gallery of Piñata cakes:


Will you be making a piñata cake for your children?