If you thought Challengers was risqué, you should know about new queer drama Pillion.

There's a new heated romance on the cards, for those who felt Luca Guadagnino's risqué film Challengers left something to be desired. 

Set to be produced by Oscar-winning Irish label Element Pictures, who brought us Normal People, The Dry and The Favourite, the film Pillion is being pitched as a "fun and filthy romance with heart", according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

The queer romance will star Alexander Skarsgård (Succession, Big Little Lies), alongside Harry Potter star Harry Melling.

What is the plot of 'Pillion'? 

Based on the 2020 novel Box Hill by Adam Mars-Jones, the story follows introverted wallflower Colin (played by Melling), who is thrust into a whole new world. 

He meets Ray (played by Skarsgård) who plucks him from the monotony of life in the suburbs and brings him into the fold of a community of sexually liberated queer bikers.

The coming-of-age storyline sees Colin explore his sexuality as a submissive, but in time, he wonders if that's really what he wants at all, or if he's still just following the leader.

The essence of the storyline echoes in the name 'Pillion', which is a position of riding — on a bike or horse — where you sit behind the lead rider. It's an intimate form of riding, where the pillion rider simply has to balance and hold on while they're taken for a ride. 

Read into that what you will.

What is the cast of 'Pillion'?

Harry Melling will star in the movie. Image: Getty


The casting of Harry Melling is exciting for fans of Harry Potter, who will remember him as Harry's horrid cousin Dudley Dursley. Since then, he's played roles in The Queen's Gambit and The Pale Blue Eye

Meanwhile, Alexander Skarsgård has become known for his ability to play domineering villains, the likes of domestic violence offender Perry Wright in Big Little Lies and careless billionaire CEO Lukas Matsson in Succession

So far, no further casting announcements have been made, but watch this space.

Who is directing and producing 'Pillion'?

Alexander Skarsgård will star and also be an executive producer. Image: Getty


Set to film this summer, the movie is being directed by Wren Boys' Harry Lighton, and Skarsgård is also coming on as an executive producer. 

"Harry is a filmmaker who is drawn to risk and fascinated by the potential to find surprising complexity in everyday life. We love this about him and believe that 'Pillion' is the perfect expression of his talent, bravery and ambition," said Element Pictures' Emma Norton.

Cornerstone, the company taking the film to Cannes, said the script is "equally compelling and shocking as it is funny and entertaining."

When is 'Pillion' set to be released?

At this stage, Pillion doesn't have a release date, but it is due to begin filming throughout June, July and August in the United Kingdom. We're excited!

Image: Getty.

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