Pickpocket targets unsuspecting woman. Ends with extreme awkwardness.


Dublin Lisa Coen was just trying to get from point A to point B when she boarded the city’s transport system.

Unluckily for her, a pickpocket decided she was the perfect victim of his next robbery attempt.

Things were going well, until the man pulled an item from the back pocket of Lisa’s jeans and realised he had found… a tampon.

According to Lisa, who shared the story on Twitter, the would-be thief was so “mortified” with his treasure that he attempted to put it back into her pocket.

Lisa asked her followers to send the man “prayers and good wishes” for the guy who was so clearly traumatised after his robbery went oh-so-wrong.

After being asked my many if the tampon was used, Lisa clarified that no, no she had great personal hygiene and it was unspoiled.

tampon pocket
That is... not a wallet. Image via Getty.

"New, but the wrapping was falling off it because I am a shambles," she clarified.

While there's nothing gross or embarrassing about the perfectly natural phenomenon of menstruation, it is quite hilarious to see karma at work.


Lisa's tale even inspired others to share their own hilarious stories of robberies gone wrong.

"Friend's old dog died while he was away. Kind neighbour put dog in bag to take corpse to vet, by bus," one person wrote.

"Bag stolen."

bad thief
Worst. Robber. Ever. Image via Getty.

"So my brother's friend was taking a stool sample to the lab and put it in a shopping bag. Guy snatched it from her hand and escaped on a bike," shared another.

"My backpack was stolen while I was getting the baby out of the taxi," one woman wrote.

"We were on our way home. Bag full of used cloth nappies. Very used."

Others still congratulated Lisa on "stopping the flow of crime" in Dublin. Ha.

When all is said and done, we're glad to see the man attempted to return Lisa's sanitary item, however damaged it may have been.

After all, those things are expensive. Tampon tax, anyone?

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