Hollywood Photoshop FAIL: Oh please. Not her as well.

The poster promoting a new Hollywood blockbuster has just been released. It stars two household names – we’re talking big budget mega-star actresses – but you will not guess in a million years who one of them is.

Why? She’s been photo-shopped to buggery.

Let’s play a little game… Do you recognise this woman?

Yep. Us neither. No. Earthly. Idea. Who. That. Lady. Might. Be.

Now how about this one?

Yep, that’s Sandra Bullock. Making awesome chic flicks since forever and Oscars since 2011. Even though she’s wearing sunglasses in this photo – sunglasses that obscure half her face – you can still tell it’s her.

Now let’s look at the entire poster, so you can work out who that other mystery actress is…

Yes, that is Melissa McCarthy.

Or shall we say – an extremely Photoshopped version of Melissa McCarthy. What has happened to her neck? What has happened to her head? Why are her neck and face seemingly detached and bathed in a yellow-light-bad-retouching-glow, usually reserved for child beauty pageant head shots? Why are both her head and neck so significantly out of proportion with her body?

For comparative purposes- let’s look at some non-photoshopped pictures of Melissa McCarthy:

Melissa McCarthy

She looks lovely. Absolutely lovely. And also like a human being – unlike her poster.

Seriously – fail. Giant. Photoshop. Fail. You can do better Hollywood.

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