These powerful photos of premature babies show just how far they've come.

A powerful new photo series is celebrating preemie babies who have not only survived, but thrived.

Canadian photographer Red Méthot, 38, from Québec City, created the photo series to teach others about prematurity, after two of his own children were born prematurely.

They show the now happy and healthy kids and adults holding stark black and white photos of their tiny, frail former selves.

Andréanne. Image via Facebook @RedM.

Méthot's first language is French, and he titled the series "Les Prémas," which translates as "The Preemies."

He told that he wanted to celebrate the strength of preemie kids.

"I was looking for a way to show [what] great fighters the premature are," he said.

"Before [his children were born], I knew pretty much nothing about prematurity...So I decided that this photo project would [enable] people to know more about this topic. I want the pictures to say: 'Hey, look, they've also been there, and look how awesome they are now'."

Amelia, left, and Charles-Antoine and Mara, right. Images via Facebook @RedM.

He found his subjects through a Facebook call-out as well as through his own personal networks - and he even photographed his own preemie children, as well as several adults, including a pregnant woman.

The photos are beautiful, and an important reminder of the tough start to life preemie babies have to endure.

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