Take this memory test: Are you in the one percent?

Do you often find yourself remembering things others forget?

Can you recall what you had for breakfast this morning? Yesterday? Last week? A simple test is claiming to separate the one percent who have a photographic memory from the 99 percent don’t.

Look at the below image and study it carefully.

The test requires you to combine the placement of red dots in this image and another in order to see if you can form a single letter.


dot 1 cropped
Focus on the dots. Source: Daily Mail.


Have you memorised the placement of those red dots? Let’s try that second image.


dot 2 cropped
Get ready to combine them. Source: Daily Mail.


Can you form a single letter in your mind?

Here’s the answer:



dot 3 cropped
The reveal! Source: Daily Mail.


The answer is a capital ‘G’.

Did you get it?

Don’t worry if you didn’t. The test is hardly all-or-nothing proof. In fact, the puzzle is more a test of eidetic memory, which is your ability to recall images.

If you want to improve your memory, there are several sites that have some handy tips to help you.


If it’s your recall ability you’d like to boost, try associating names with someone or something that already holds that association.

For example:

Say you meet Kim and Tony at a party.

Before you even stop that handshake, try to think of some other Kims or Tonys that you might know.

Here’s how it plays out in my mind.

Look at moy, reader, look at moy. This image has been digitally altered.


There is also the suggestion that healthier lifestyle decisions will boost your memory function. Following simple rules such as: eating a diet with lots of fresh vegetables and avoiding alcohol and cigarette smoke can do wonders for your recall and overall mental health.

It is also suggested you avoid stressful situations. But that might be a bit of a stretch – especially if those two are your party guests.

Watch this hilarious video of couples trying to draw each other from memory.

Video via Distractify