'My engagement photos were altered to make me look skinnier without my permission.'

Receiving your professional engagement photos back from the photographer should be a special occasion.

It should allow you to re-live on of the best days of your life, flicking through the images and smiling at the memories they evoke. I said ‘yes’ and look how happy we are.

For one couple in the US, the expectation was soon replaced with confusion. Kattie Liepold from Ohio noticed some of the images of her and her fiance, Jon Kistler, were “blurry” and “taken at weird angles”.

Speaking to News 5 Cleveland, the bride-to-be said the photographer she hired through Facebook – Linda Silvestri of Tower Photography – used photoshopped to make her and Kistler appear slimmer, without their permission.

Bride-to-be Katie Liepold. Image via News 5 Cleveland.

"She actually photoshopped one picture of us skinnier... She probably took like 30 pounds (14 kilograms) off each of us," Liepold said


"That wasn't asked for, and I just felt like that was really hurtful and my pictures weren't good enough to be left alone."

She said Silvestri's gave no indication of her intention, adding that the day of the shoot they "laughed, talked, joked and shared stories".

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After confronting the photographer, Liepold said she was refunded the contract payment of $600 they'd initially made, which included the engagement shoot and wedding reception. However, Silvestri kept $150 for her time shooting.

"We didn't really need the engagement session, but it was in the package so we did it," Liepold said.

But her engagement-turned-nightmare wasn't over.

Days later, Liepold stumbled on a Facebook post by Silvestri on a page called Northeast Ohio Wedding Professionals Only, Daily Mail reports.

The photographer's rant, which has since been deleted from social media, reportedly included a number of hateful, abusive statements directed at her former clients, including: "It is extremely difficult to get Pinterest worthy lovey dovey pictures when people can't even get their heads together."

This has led Liepold to fight for her $150 back, as she "didn't pay her to have her make fun of my on a site".

But the bride-to-be told Daily Mail she doesn't want to trigger any backlash. She - unlike the photographer, it seems - is above that.

"I would just like to say that even though I feel she is unprofessional and not a nice person…nobody deserves to be bullied. Not even her."