Resurfaced photo of Ivanka Trump seems to eerily foresee her political future.

A photo shoot of Ivanka Trump has resurfaced, dating all the way back to 2006. But now, in 2016, it has an entirely different meaning.

The photo depicts Trump’s oldest daughter draped across a wooden desk clad in a revealing, pearl-coloured dress. Next to her is a sign that reads “VICE PRESIDENT”.

Could she…could she have known she was headed for a political future, with her father elected as President of the United States? Or was it just a freaky coincidence?

The image, in fact, was an homage to Ivanka’s then-Vice President of Real Estate Development position at her father’s company, Trump Productions, but it’s still hard to miss the uncanny parallel to the current political climate.

At the time, Ivanka was a familiar face, partly for her frequent appearances on The Apprentice, alongside her father and brother.

The photoshoot was displayed in a former men’s magazine, Stuff, wherein Ivanka was candid in an interview about her father.

“He’s really a laid-back, mellow guy, but people have a level of anxiety prior to meeting him. I don’t think he’s much different from any other father. He’s protective, but I’m sure there are fathers who are much worse. He hasn’t threatened bodily harm to any of the people I’ve dated. Well, as far as I know,” she told Stuff Magazine.

She also insisted she wasn’t a socialite. “I like to have fun with my friends and go out at night, but you’re not going to find me dancing on top of tables or see me trashed outside of Bungalow 8,” she said.

While Ivanka was single at the time, she’s now married to businessman Jared Kushner (the publisher of the New York Observer), and has three children.

We have a feeling we won’t be seeing any more shoots like this one in Ivanka’s future, as she’s now set to become first daughter of the United States of America upon Trump’s impending election.

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