Lara Bingle just posted the first photo of her offspring.

She’s such a tease.

Lara Bingle – entrepreneur, failed reality star and wife of an Avatar – has shared the first photo of her offspring on social media.

Bingle, 27, and her (probably) husband, 38-year-old Sam Worthington, had a baby on March 24 named Rocket Zot, but aside from a few sneaky pap shots, we’ve had no proof that this child even existed except for rumours and ‘sources’.

Until NOW.

Bingle shared a tasteful, black and white photo of the child’s feet on her Instagram account, which definitely took four million attempts to get right.

Look, there’s no way to know whether these really are Rocket’s feet or not – Bing could have googled ‘classy hipster baby feet’ to get the media excited – but we’re going to assume it’s a real photo and what bloody cute feet they are.

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Welcome to the world, baby feet of Rocket Zot. May you be shoved into designer shoes for the rest of your life.

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