A mum posted a photo of her wardrobes online. She didn't realise one mortifying detail.


Most of us don’t think twice before posting to social media.

Whether it be putting up an Instagram Story, or posting a holiday snap to Facebook, we rarely double check the footage for any… embarrassing details.

But there is one mum who will be very careful from now on.

After posting a photo of two wardrobes online in an attempt to sell them, Julie didn’t think twice about it.

Then she received a message.

“Hi Julie I don’t mean to sound rude but just thought I’d let you know as I noticed it straight away…” she began.

“The photo you uploaded of the wardrobes, I’m unsure if it’s what I think but it seems that there is some boobs in the mirror! Sorry but just wanted to let you know,” she continued.



After deleting the post, Julie immediately texted her daughter Sophie to share the hilarious story.

Her daughter then reposted the photo to Twitter… which kind of defeats the point of deleting it in the first place but we’re so glad we get to laugh at this.

We’ll be triple checking our photos from now on.