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Now THIS is a wedding proposal video we can get excited about.

We don’t usually get excited about viral proposal videos (remember that fake-job-interview proposal, anyone?) but this one is so simple and sweet we’re not cringing, not even one little bit.

Loved-up couple Molly McGinnis and Kevin Moran are high-school sweethearts who have been together for seven years – and they’ve just gotten engaged, thanks to one of the cutest proposals we have seen in a while.

Moran lured his unsuspecting lady-friend to a photo-booth for some innocent happy snaps, only to pull out a little box with a sparkler inside mid-shoot.

She didn’t suspect anything, smiling for the camera. 

Then, he whips out the box…her eyes say it all.

And yes, she is pretty damn happy. 

The result? McGinnis’ priceless, adorable reaction caught on camera. And also on film – Moran didn’t realise that the photo-booth he chose had video capability. #winning

Needless to say, she said yes. And we’re pretty stoked for the pair of them.

See? Who needs flash mobs, skywriters or 99 iPhones?

Watch the whole cute thing here.