FLUFF: Oprah made Pharrell sob on television.

Pharrell can’t… He just can’t even… He just… He can’t deal…

Pharrell just can’t even cope with the happiness he’s inflicted on the world with his song Happy.

In an interview with Oprah, the 41-year-old singer watched some video footage of people around the world dancing to his infectious song, which originally appeared as the soundtrack for the movie Despicable Me 2 and is now broadly accepted as the jolliest song ever made. And from underneath his latest ridiculous hat, Pharrell’s eyes started leaking. The emotion was too much to bear.

Watch that sad-happy moment here.

But Oprah just couldn’t get enough of Pharrell’s tears. Once she’d made him cry, she passed him some tissues and then brought up his childhood. You know, just to keep the tears flowing.

And that’s when the extreme cuteness happened. Here’s Pharrell as a little baby, followed by Pharrell as a young kid.

Next topic: Pharrell’s creative process – which, by the way, takes place in the shower.

“My best songs come from two different ways,” he said. “Either when I have a really good gut feeling about something, it’s written in the shower or on a plane.”

Oprah clearly gets her jam on in the shower too. She agrees: “Shower’s good, isn’t it? There’s something about the water.”

“The water attracts your ear,” Pharrell says, calling on science. “You get distracted, and your mind wanders.”

And to make you feel better after seeing one of the world’s catchiest singers break down in tears, here’s his actual song. He’s so happy.

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