Peter Stefanovic reveals some rather personal information about Sylvia Jeffreys.

Today in not-overly-useful but somehow supremely interesting facts, we now know what Sylvia Jeffreys wears to bed and what body part Karl Stefanovic waxes regularly.

These intimate titbits of celebrity trivia could only come courtesy of one man: Peter Stefanovic.

Safely cocooned in radio host Chrissie Swan’s (rather misleadingly named) Cone of Silence this morning, the Channel Nine correspondent gave Nova listeners a glimpse into life at home with his brother and soon-to-be wife.

Among the Karl-related revelations: his room was “messy”, his walls were plastered with Milli Vanilli posters and he’s sensitive about his back hair (“It’s covered up, he’s got to wax it,” said Stefanovic.)

As for Jeffreys…

“Does Sylvia ever get mad?” asked Chrissie.

“Occasionally,” said Stefanovic. “I was a bit slow building a BBQ the other day… [she said] ‘Get cracking, come on now, get cracking, we’ve got snags to fry’.”

Couple of blokes celebrating their blokey achievement. BBQ built. ???????????????? @peter_stefanovic @andrew_jeffreys

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Yet despite his fiance’s occasional BBQ-related frustrations, for some reason Stefanovic felt totally comfortable answering this question from Chrissie on national radio: “What does Sylvia wear to bed, is she a nudie rudie?”

“No, it’s winter at the moment; there’s a lot of layers,” he said, adding that she sometimes wears flannel PJs. (A woman after our own hearts.)

Meanwhile, Sylvia was home sick today, which meant plenty of time to listen to her future husband running his trap to Chrissie Swan about their personal life.

The 30-year-old called out the pair on Instagram, writing, “listening to @peter_stefanovic in the cone of silence with my all time favourite magical unicorn princess @chrissieswan … FYI think there’s a slight issue with your cone in that it is not silent…”


But in yet more proof that a sense of humour will get a fella everywhere, Jeffreys indicated the ensuing lols would be enough to keep him out of the dog house.


Close call, Stefanovic. Close call.